What Can I Expect at My Annual Physical?

Your comprehensive yearly exam allows your doctor to check for current and potential problems with your health. It’s often called a well visit or a preventive exam because it’s conducted when you aren’t sick with a cold, the flu, or a stomach bug.

At Affordable & Restorative Health in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Winston Griner is a primary care provider who is passionate about helping you manage and safeguard your health and wellness.

Here’s what you can expect when you come in to see Dr. Griner for your annual exam.

Physical check

An annual exam is sometimes called a physical exam for a good reason. Dr. Griner looks closely in your throat, ears, eyes, and nose, presses your abdomen, scans your skin for abnormalities, and checks your reflexes.

Review of your health history

Dr. Griner uses a holistic medicine approach and wants to understand your complete health history. In addition to measuring your height and weight, he asks you about your lifestyle, vaccination status, prior illnesses, and surgical history. This is also the time when allergies and medications are discussed.

Check of your vital signs

Some of the standard vital signs that our team at Affordable & Restorative Health monitor are:

  • Temperature: Normal body temperature should be near 98.6℉.
  • Blood pressure: Normal blood pressure is 120 or less over 80 or less.
  • Respiratory rate: The normal rate is about 15 breaths per minute.
  • Heart rate: The normal rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

These tests only take a couple of minutes and may be administered by a nurse or medical technician.

Screen for cancer

Depending on your age and risk factors, your exam may include rectal, breast, pelvic, testicular, or skin exams to screen for early signs of cancer.

Blood work

Laboratory testing is key for evaluating your risk for serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. It’s also a helpful indicator of possible issues with your thyroid, liver, kidneys, and immune system.

Your blood is drawn here in the office and sent to our partner lab for analysis. Results are typically available within a week or less.

Dr. Griner ends every annual physical with encouragement and a custom plan to help you choose and live a healthy lifestyle. He wants to be your health partner and advocate and is devoted to earning your trust and confidence.

To optimize your health with an annual physical, call 615-903-2401 today to schedule your visit. You can also request an appointment online.

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