What Can a Primary Care Physician Do For You?

Good health isn’t just a nice thing to have — it’s essential for a good life at every age.

Your health needs and risks change a lot during your lifetime, not just from childhood to adulthood, but all the way through those adult years, too. Regular visits with your primary care doctor play a critical role in helping you stay healthier (and happier) as you get older.

In the United States alone, there are more than one million physicians, split almost evenly between specialists and primary care physicians, or PCPs. The main difference between a specialist and a PCP is that while a specialist typically focuses their care in one area of medicine (like heart health or kidney care), a PCP provides comprehensive care for the whole patient.

As a leading primary care doctor in Nashville, Tennessee, Winston Griner, MD, is dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care so you can enjoy better health and a better quality of life.

Having a primary care physician offers plenty of benefits for patients of all ages. Here are six important ways Dr. Griner can help keep your health on track.

#1: Provide preventive care

Preventive care services, like vaccines, lab tests, medical screenings, and even lifestyle guidance can help you avoid serious diseases and enjoy better health, especially as you age. In fact, recent research found that having greater access to primary care actually resulted in longer life expectancy.

#2: Save you money

Most insurance companies provide coverage for preventive care services because they know that preventive care can save them money in the long run. That means you’ll pay very little out of pocket. Plus, preventive services, immunizations, and age-appropriate testing can help keep costs low by identifying issues long before they become major (and potentially costly) problems.

#3: Diagnose diseases

PCPs are often the “first point of contact” for someone experiencing the symptoms of an illness or medical condition. As that initial contact, your primary care doctor performs those all-important tests and evaluations that can help you get the specific type of care you need.

#4: Manage chronic conditions

Nearly half of all Americans have at least one chronic health problem, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Your PCP will work with you to ensure you get the care you need to manage those conditions, helping to prevent complications while making sure you stay healthy.

#5: Identify specialists when needed

While your primary care doctor can provide much of the medical care you’ll need during most of your life, there’s a good chance that at some point, most of us will need to see at least one medical specialist.

Your PCP can help you navigate the health care system, identifying the appropriate specialists in your network and ensuring the right information is shared between both offices so your care is optimally coordinated for your needs.

#6: Provide guidance and advocacy

Through annual checkups and sick visits, your primary care doctor develops a very clear picture of your health. This enables your doctor to provide you with truly customized care and health advice based on your very unique needs.

Plus, developing a relationship with your PCP over time helps you develop the confidence and trust to share personal information and engage in discussions aimed at supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Health care optimized for your needs

A primary care provider acts as a kind of health care concierge, providing important medical services while identifying options that can help you enjoy the best possible health at every age.

If you’d like to learn more about the services Dr. Griner provides or if you need to schedule a checkup, call the office or request an appointment online today.

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