The Importance of Geriatric Care

Getting older comes with a lot of changes — some positive, and some that can be quite challenging. The state of your health plays a big role in determining how well you’ll be able to adapt to those challenges — and even whether you’ll encounter them at all.

As an experienced, compassionate geriatric medicine specialist, Winston Griner, MD, helps senior men and women in Nashville, Tennessee, take important steps to maintain their good health. He provides focused care plans based on each patient’s unique and evolving needs.

If you’re a senior (or about to become one), here’s how regular geriatric care at Affordable & Restorative Health can help you optimize your health.

The benefits of geriatric medicine

Everybody knows that your body changes drastically during childhood and puberty. But there’s relatively little attention paid to the senior years — another period of life that’s filled with significant changes in our health and our lifestyle.

That’s kind of surprising, because many of those changes can make us more prone to serious and even life-threatening problems. That brings us to the first benefit of geriatric medicine: specialized care.

Specialized care

While a primary care doctor has a broad understanding of medical problems and their treatment, a geriatric doctor has in-depth knowledge and understanding of diseases and medical conditions that tend to occur more frequently as we get older.

Not only can they provide care tailored to older patients’ needs and bodies, but they’re also skilled at screening for aging problems, so treatment can focus on preventing those issues or treating them in their very earliest stages.

Skilled care management

They’re also skilled at managing multiple chronic conditions and multiple medications. About 80% of seniors have more than one chronic medical condition, and many men and women take multiple medicines to manage those issues.

Unfortunately, some medicine combinations can be dangerous — and unless you have a doctor who understands those interactions, you could wind up risking your health.

At every office visit, Dr. Griner reviews your medicines (including over-the-counter medicines and supplements) to check for possible interactions, and to make sure the medicines and doses you’re taking are the correct ones for your changing needs.

Remote monitoring

In addition to in-person office visits, Dr. Griner uses the 100Plus® remote patient monitoring system, a state-of-the-art system that uses blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors, and other devices to monitor your vital signs right in your own home.

Using data transmitted to his office via a secure internet connection, Dr. Griner can monitor your health and fine-tune your care through telehealth appointments, without the need to travel to his office.

More than “just” medicine

As a geriatric medicine doctor, Dr. Griner knows aging well is about more than your physical health. It’s about how well you adapt to challenges to your lifestyle, too.

During your visit, he’ll ask lots of questions about your health, your activities, your community, and your personal goals, so he can provide you with the support you need to lead your healthiest, happiest life.

While any older adult can benefit from regular geriatric visits, seeing a geriatric doctor is especially important for patients who:

  • Have multiple medical problems
  • Take multiple medications
  • Are concerned about cognitive decline
  • Have problems with memory
  • Are at risk for falls or have balance issues
  • Want to be proactive in their own aging process
  • Want to maintain their independence for as long as possible

As with any primary care doctor, regular visits are the key to enjoying the greatest benefits of geriatric medical care. If you’d like to learn more about geriatric care for you or for a loved one, call the office at 615-903-2401 or request a consultation visit online today.

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